Spring Water 7-Piece Filter Set

Spring Water 7-Piece Filter Set

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Filters and Properties

1) 5 Micron Sediment Filter: It is the first place where mains water is processed. Thanks to its 5 micron pores, it retains coarse materials suspended in the water, such as sediment, rust and algae.

2) GAC Carbon Filter: Water separated from coarse materials and coming to this filter contains chlorine, gases that give bad odor and taste to water, The cyst is separated from some of the heavy metals and other chemicals. In this way, the taste, color and smell of the water are regulated.

This filter is a powdered carbon filter obtained by burning coconut shells at 800C in an oxygen-free environment. A sesame-sized particle of activated carbon has enough molecular surface to cover a football field. In this way, 0.5 kg of activated carbon is a material dense enough to purify 1 ton of water.

3) CTO Carbon Filter: At this stage, the particles saved from other stages are kept in the block carbon filter. It is obtained by turning coconut shell and paper into dough and compressing it.

4) SW Membrane: Water separated from coarse sediment and particles in the first 3 stages is ready for detailed purification, the main purpose of the first 3 filters is Spring Making the job of the Water Membrane filter easier is to extend its life, but the Spring Water Membrane filter, which is a specially made filter, makes almost no change in the alkalinity of the water.

It is the most important stage of purification and the membrane, which is the "main" filter of the device, acts as a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only beneficial substances to pass through the water, just as plants absorb water from the soil. allows. It is completely natural.

While passing only water through it at high pressure, it purifies 99.9% of harmful bacteria, lime, sediment, rust, particles and heavy metals in micron-sized water.

Membrane is the brain of the reverse osmosis water purification system. The membrane is similar to the cell membrane. Reverse osmosis occurs during cellular absorption.

It is the name given to the liquid transition from low density to high density. This process imitates the absorption of water by plant roots and the membrane pores are 8 - 10 angstroms.

Angstrom is a unit of measurement and is exactly 10 millionths of a millimeter. Only molecular passage can occur through such small pores. These molecules must be smaller than 8 - 10 angstroms. Water molecules are between 5 - 6 angstroms and can easily pass through these pores.

However, coarse dirt, dissolved minerals and other negative elements in the water are larger than these pores and can never pass with the water.

5) Post Carbon: The clean water coming from the block carbon filter passes through the coconut shell-based carbon filter, resulting in a more delicious, extra mineral and soft water. becomes. It is a hundred percent organic filter. Thanks to this filter, the quality of the water you drink will increase.

6) 5-Mineral Filter: It is the final stage to enrich the water in terms of minerals and alkaline and to reach the pH level suitable for the human body. In this filter, our water passes through mineral, alkaline, detox and bio ceramic sections in order and takes its final form. Water acquires mineral and alkaline properties, just as water acquires mineral and alkaline properties as it percolates through the soil during rain.

7) Alkaline Filter: Alkaline filter consists of a total of 10 types of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and adds natural anions and cations to your water. adds minerals. Specially selected minerals also increase the pH level of the water between 7.5 and 8.5. With its 100% natural content, the alkaline filter keeps the mineral and pH levels of your water at optimum levels.

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