Omnipure K56 Series 3-Piece Filter Set

Omnipure K56 Series 3-Piece Filter Set

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1) Omnipure K5605 Filter: It is the first place where mains water is processed. Thanks to its 5 micron pores, it retains coarse materials suspended in the water, such as sediment, rust and algae.

2) Omnipure K5628 Filter: The water that is separated from coarse materials and comes to this filter is separated from chlorine, gases that give bad odor and taste to the water, cysts, some of the heavy metals and other chemical substances. In this way, the taste, color and smell of the water are regulated.

This filter is a powdered carbon filter obtained by burning coconut shell at 800C in an oxygen-free environment. A sesame-sized particle of activated carbon has enough molecular surface to cover a football field. In this way, 0.5 kg of activated carbon is a material dense enough to purify 1 ton of water.

3) Omnipure K5633 Filter: At this stage, particles saved from other stages are kept in the block carbon filter. It is obtained by turning coconut shell and paper into dough and compressing it.

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